The  International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention (IJDRP), documents the science of nutrition and lifestyle to prevent, suspend, and reverse disease. It also incorporates the International Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.   The IJDRP is a publication of The Plantrician Project.

The IJDRP is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal committed to the highest levels of credibility and integrity in scientific publishing, free from outside industry influence. Our mission is to create an internationally recognized journal that serves as the primary repository of scientific research documenting the role of nutrition and lifestyle in arresting and reversing chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

In addition, we publish the Disease Reversal and Prevention Digest, a digital magazine that complements the Journal. The Disease Reversal Digest directly links the disease reversing science of the IJDRP, whole food plant-based nutrition and regenerative agriculture with practical advice for living a vibrant, healthy life. 


The team is essential for the success of the Journal. To this end, we are pleased to have Dr. Kim Williams as our Editor in Chief. Dr. Williams is one of America’s top cardiologists, past president of the American College of Cardiology, prolific researcher, award-winning educator, and recognized international leader. He brings unprecedented credibility, integrity, and academic and professional experience and has helped to build a successful and renowned journal. At his side as Managing Editor is, Dr. Laurie Marbas, who has brought the Journal to life. Dr. Marbas is board certified in family medicine and lifestyle medicine, has an MBA in health organization management, and many years of experience engaging patients to improve their health with nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

A project of this magnitude and importance is only accomplished through an engaged and active community of which you are a part. Dr. Marbas welcomes hearing from you at

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