The IJDRP, International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, is a journal created to document the science of nutrition and lifestyle to prevent, suspend and reverse disease. IJDRP is sponsored by The Plantrician Project with initial seed funding and support provided by the Purjes Family Foundation.

We are a peer reviewed, open access journal committed to the highest levels of credibility and integrity in scientific publishing, free from outside industry influence. Our mission is to create an internationally recognized journal that will become the primary repository of scientific research documenting the effects of nutrition and lifestyle to arrest and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

In addition, we will be launching a novel new supplement to the journal, called the Disease Reversal and Prevention Digest. The digest will take the groundbreaking research from each journal publication and translate the findings into easy to read articles for the general public and media. The digest will also contain variety of subject matter pertaining to human health, wellness, and the regeneration of the ecosystem of food. 

The team is essential for the success of the journal. To this end, we are pleased to have Dr. Kim Williams as our Editor in Chief. Dr. Williams is one of America’s top cardiologists, past president of the American College of Cardiology, prolific researcher, award winning educator, and recognized international leader. He brings unprecedented credibility, integrity, and academic and professional experience that will help build a successful and renowned journal. At his side will be the managing editor, Dr. Laurie Marbas, who will help bring the journal to life. Dr. Marbas is board certified in family medicine and lifestyle medicine, has a MBA in health organization management, and many years of experience engaging patients to improve their health with nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

A project of this magnitude and importance is only accomplished through an engaged and active community of which you are part. To encourage communication Dr. Marbas can be reached at

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