Advertise With Us

We encourage like-minded companies, foundations, associations, and individuals to consider advertising their products or services with us. If you would like to advertise in the IJDRP, please contact Dr. Laurie Marbas at for more information and please keep the following in mind.

The IJDRP has the right to reject any advertisement for any reason, which need not be disclosed to the party submitting the advertisement. Advertising submitted to the IJDRP publications should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered.

Advertising submitted to any of the IJDRP publications should be distinct from editorial and should not appear to be editorial; advertising must not be deceptive or misleading or make false claims. Any advertisements that include indecent copy or contain negative content of a personal, racial, ethnic, medical, sexual orientation, or religious character will not be accepted.

Solicitation of advertising for the IJDRP publications will be carried out to fulfill the objective of supporting awareness among health professionals and consumers of useful products and services and to contribute to the financial support of the publications. Acceptance of advertising in the IJDRP publications shall not be construed as an endorsement, approval, recommendation, warranty, or certification of the products or services by the IJDRP or any group affiliated with it. Acceptance also does not imply responsibility on the part of the IJDRP to ensure that the advertiser has complied with laws and regulations applicable to the marketing of the products. Acceptance of advertising does not imply that the IJDRP has conducted an independent scientific review to validate product safety and efficacy or advertising claims. A company involved in an investigation or enforcement proceeding by a government agency with respect to claims made in marketing of a product to be advertised in an IJDRP publication must inform the IJDRP of such litigation.

Specific Provisions

Products or services must be safe and effective in the practice of medicine or to individuals and their families. A company whose product submitted for advertisement in the IJDRP is being evaluated for safety and effectiveness must so inform the IJDRP.

Companies submitting new products for advertisement may be required to provide information about product safety and effectiveness. If there is any question of safety or effectiveness, the appropriate staff person should see a product sample before acceptance/rejection.

Advertisements for products that are subject to regulation by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) will be accepted in the IJDRP publications only if the products have met all FDA requirements to permit general marketing of the products.

Advertisements for products subject to FDA approval of both the product and the advertising may be accepted in IJDRP publications without further review.

Manufacturers whose products are subject to regulation by the FDA or Federal Trade Commission may be asked to submit a signed certification to the IJDRP attesting that they have scientifically valid data on file to substantiate product claims or comparisons to other products.

Companies submitting advertisements for IJDRP publications are required to indemnify the Association against claims based on the advertisements.